Dying and beyond


Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond

The workshop, Shamanism, Dying and Beyond“ offers an opportunity to develop a profoundly new relationship with death and dying, a subject that in our civilisation i soften hidden from view, not spoken about and i soften surrounded by fear and denial.

Participants will have the opportunity to explore and experience the cosmology of Non-ordinary reality (NOR), especially the realms encountered after death, and to contact their ancestors.

This workshop includes instructions on shamanic methods to help those near death as well as classic psychopomp-work, the shmanic method that provides guidance to souls in making the transition from our physical reality to non-ordinary reality. “Shamanism, Dying and Beyond“ is for those who seek personal and deeper understanding of death and dying, who wish to help people affected by terminal illness with their after-life journey, and also want to learn how to perform psychopomp work.

Participants will develop knowledge and skills  around dealing with death and dying and explore the destiny of souls from a shamanic perspective. We will also explore becoming experientially familiar with the after-death realms, tracking a person using shamanic journeying, enabling souls to complete unfinished business, helping a person to cross over as well as  classic psychopomp work.

The workshop is for anyone wishing to learn for themselves, and those who wish to help people affected by terminal illness or bereavement.

Prerequisite: The Way of the Shaman is a prerequisite for this workshop

Dates: 02 – 03 November 2019 

Fee: £220

Venue: St Luke’s House, 270 Sandycombe Road, Kew Gardens, London, TW9 3NP

Schedule: On both days the workshop begins at 9.30pm and ends around 5pm. There is an evening session on Saturday.

What to bring: A personal garment (belt – hat – scarf – bracelet). Wear comfortable clothing, warm socks, and bring a bandanna, cushion and/or blanket and a pen and notebook to record your journeys. (Electronic recording — audio, video, photographic — and the use of computers are not permitted during the workshop).

Accommodation: For various options please see www.kewaccommodation.com or www.airbnb.co.uk

Bookings: To book your place on the course, please visit the ‘Enrol Here’ page or click here.

For further information and to book a place on this workshop please email: info@shamanicstudies.co.uk or fill the form on Contact page.

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